Turning a Music App into a Social Platform!

The idea behind this project was to create a desktop version of a music app while adding improvements and incorporating social media features. I worked side by side with the team at Gwtech, my rol was: user research, interaction and visual design.

Initial Research

The project was set in motion by carrying out formative research to assess the competitor landscape and identify opportunities to differentiate the product. After a few meetings with the team I held interviews with potential users. This helped create the Personas in a collaborative session with the Gwtech team.

We learned that users expect to find an easy-to-use app that provides quick access to songs. They expressed their frustration when using current music app platforms, and requested specific changes based on their previous experiences.

Usability Testing

I conducted a usability test to analyze the mobile app design that they had in order to detect errors, and opportunities to improve both platforms (mobile and desktop). We invited 8 potential users and set one-on-one sessions with each held in person and remotely with the app I used 3 metrics to analyze the tests: Satisfaction Score, Errors and Task Success.

We learned that the main issue was the unclear information architecture.

How we fixed this

In response to what we learned from users we've improved the experience by:

Improving the navigation, reducing the amount of sections, unifying the content and adding more clear labels.

Old Menu (Left), New Menu (Right)

Making the creation of a playlist easily accessible
Providing a social media feature that would generate more engagement with the app
Highlighting the video section to provide a differenciation from the competition

Testing again

Since this is an iterative process, we run tests once more, only this time we used the app Optimal Workshop to perform a Chalkmark test, which consisted of an Online Screenshot Testing (Heat maps). A total of 43 individuals engaged in the study, and 35 (81%) completed all 5 tasks. Once again, we created two questionnaires, one before the tasks and the other, an NPS (net promoter score) metric, at the end. The results showed that that the implemented changes were really effective.


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