Hi, I'm Eugenia Jongewaard

UX Designer, Customer Experience consultant and youtuber living in Barcelona

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Latest Projects

I work from Strategy to Interaction of digital products focusing on the impact of design, driven by metrics like activation and retention.


Turning a Music App into a Social Platform

The idea behind this project was to create a desktop version of a music app while adding improvements and incorporating social media features. I worked side by side with the team at Gwtech throughout their whole ux process by conducting interviews and usability testing.


Improving the donor experience

Research project to improve the experience of donors and volunteers for Pata Pila, a nonprofit organization.

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UXTips YouTube Channel

UXTips is a Youtube channel in Spanish about UX Design. I started this channel to spread my knowledge on this field and to create a community of people interested in UX to share tips and learn from each other. Today the channel has grown to more than 15,000 subscribers from different countries. See more at: www.uxtipsonline.com


About me

Everything started with one book and my passion for building accessible web sites

Since 2005 I’ve worked as UX Designer and CX Consultant for different clients around the world. I have engaged in speaking, teaching and academic consulting activities on Web Accessibility, User Experience and Customer Service.

For the past 9 years, I’ve been working at the best customer-focused SaaS company in San Francisco, Zendesk , and I’ve been a part of it's phenomenal growth supervising a multilingual Support team as well as being an advisor on different areas to help Zendesk grow in the LATAM market. This is how I developed my career in Customer Experience.

Now I am sharing all I have learned and all I keep learning on my YouTube channel UXTips and my 3 courses with more than 70 videos lessons.

My hobbies are learning new languages, photography, videography and travelling. I have visited more than 30 cities and, so far, I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and ein bisschen deutsch.

Oh! Did I mention that I did all this by working remotely? So that's why the travelling :D

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